Other interpreters

At its core, tapir creates a data structure describing the HTTP endpoints. This data structure can be freely interpreted also by code not included in the library. Below is a list of projects, which provide tapir interpreters.


The tapir-loom project provides server interpreters which allow writing the server logic in the “direct” style (synchronous, using the Id effect). Depends on Java 19, which includes a preview of Project Loom (Virtual Threads for the JVM).


Caliban allows you to easily turn your Tapir endpoints into a GraphQL API. More details in the documentation.


tapir-gen extends tapir to do client code generation. The goal is to auto-generate clients in multiple-languages with multiple libraries.

scala-opentracing contains a module which provides a small integration layer that allows you to create traced http endpoints from tapir Endpoint definitions.


SNUnit is a Scala Native HTTP Server library based on NGINX Unit. It provides first-class support for Tapir.